Pricing Plans

Start building for free, then upgrade to go live. Account plans unlock additional features.


$0/monthFor personal or non-commercial projects.
  • Snoozables API: 250 req / month
  • Sets API: 5 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scheduled request?
A request to trigger a webhook at a scheduled time in the future is a scheduled request. Each scheduled request is tracked, and if triggered successfully is decremented from the quota. The total quota is replenished at the beginning of each month.
What if I the quota is exceeded?
If the quota is exceeded, it is likely that your needs are exceeding the plan you're on. In the case we will contact you to understand the details of your usage and whether a higher plan makes more sense.
How do I know how much is left in my quota?
Your account dashboard displays your total and your remaining quota. Simply click here to view your account details.
Is the Snoozable API reliable?
Snoozable is in its infancy and is designed for the hobbyist developer. Over time we hope make performance and reliability of our service our top priority. Snoozable is deployed to the cloud and leverages highly available systems with database backups taken regularly and stored for recovery.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription any time by contacting us at The plan will remain in effect until the end of the month after cancelation. At the end of cancelation your account will be downgraded to the 'Hobby'(free) plan. All previously scheduled requests will still be fulfilled.
How do I get help?
You can reach us at
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